Transition Actions

PG Wants the sweet spot
NOTE: Sweet spot is from elbow 45 degrees to three point line

Action #1 Drag
– Trailing Big sets pick and roll with PG/ball handler at sweet spot
– Trailing big must sprint to the FT line first, in order to get angle for screen
– PG must wait until screen is set
– Back Action Big rolls to basket Corner lifts to wing

Action #2 Dribble at Drag
– PG dribbles at corner man’s defender
– Cornerman lifts and get flick pass from PG around sweet spot
– Trailing Big sets screen on player guarding corner man
– Back action PG lifts to wing

Action #3 Advance Pass Drag
-PG is delayed so they advance pass to wing or cross the ball opposite
– Trailing big screens for player with ball

Action #4 Double Drag
-Use when both bigs are trailing
-Bigs set a stagger screen for PG near middle of court
– 1st big rolls
– 2nd big opens up

Action #5 Step ups
– 1st big down stops sprint early to set flat screen for PG
– Work great vs. less mobile bigs