Chris Mack – Xavier, July 2011

Make sure the person you work for has integrity
Don’t ever burn a bridge
Take your job seriously and never try to “get” the next job

– Don’t audition for your next job

o If you work your butt off & you are accessible, you will advance  Complete your details

You will be based off your merits… it’s who you are! 7 Pieces of advice:

  1. Be a hard worker
    It separates you, so figure out a way to just get it done If you pass something on, you are still responsible for it. Have a back-up plan for everything
  1. Be detail-oriented. Don’t misspell, don’t mispronounce names
    How can you hold your players to a higher standard if you can’t hold yourself to it as well

    3)  Be loyal & be a team player/guy
    You should support the team’s message… it’s your responsibility You want to have a unified front as a staff and as a team

    4)  Do it the right way (life, basketball, family, etc) Rules are rules & the book is getting thicker. Go to bed knowing you are doing it the right way You will never get a player who is worth it by cheating Have a balance!

    5)  Be innovative. You then become indispensable

    6)  Immerse yourself with recruiting. Know players and their coaches.

    7)  Too many guys audition for the “next job”… DON’T!

    If you are successful, you will have plenty of opportunities

    Carry yourself professionally 24/7

What can hold you back?

o Can you coach on the floor?  build those relationships & players respect you o Can you recruit?

 Know people & build relationships!
Make sure your future spouse knows what your profession is & supports it Past success can be a problem only if you fail to manage future expectations

o It is your duty to uphold the hard work that others have sacrificed before