Offensive Cut throat
 Verbalize- call who you have
 Stance
 Ball Pressure
 Rebound
2 points for an offensive rebound
1 point for a post entry from the weakside
Any turnover is –2
Teach them to play slow to fast
 Everybody touches
 Eyes on the rim—always a rule
 Cut to the rim—“rim cut” (passers rule)
 You must call your cuts
 Make up your own rules and restrictions
 Passer gets a screen
 Triple threat starts with your eyes on the rim
 On a backscreen the screener always steps through the elbow
 Fill lines are on the sideline
Dribble penetration
 Where to dribble from—45 degree angle on the weakside
 Get there in two dribbles
 The more you bounce the ball the less the defense works