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Professional Development

My goal is to partner with coaches and lifelong learners who want to improve themselves and their program. Our partnership can refine your system and apply new concepts to any phases of the game.


Play With Pace!

Build Offensive Flow From Transition to Offense

Utilize the Pass & Dribble Within the Dribble Drive/Drive & Space Offense

Clearly define a style of play and implement your system in a way that is organized, streamlined, seamless and fun.

Develop a program identity that will drive your personal development, player development, practice sessions and scouting/game planning.

Help implement offensive, defensive, transition systems that complement each other and fit your program’s personnel and philosophy.

Tweak or modernize your current system to introduce more elements of where the game of basketball is evolving.


Retainer Options (limited availability)

1. Year-round Retainer

2. Offseason Retainer

3. Inseason Retainer

4. Monthly Retainer

Non-Retainer Options

1. One on One Calls or Webinars (30 or 60 min)

2. Scheduled webinars with your staff (60 – 90 min)

3. In-person Clinics or Workshops with your Staff and/or Team.

Inquire about Courtside Consulting here!