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This is the first of a series of courses to learn the Drive and Space Attack from top to bottom. Coach Cascio shares his rules for spacing, ball movement, player movement, and transition for both 4-Out and 5-Out. Learn the offense through a combination of fast draw, practice clips and game clips. Coach Cascio walks you through each step on the principles, rules, and teaching points for installing the offense. 
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Coach Cascio uses a presentation, fastdraw, practice drills and game film to share on Four Categories of Positonless Basketball: 
1. Skill Development: Learn how to build positioonless basketball players
2. Transition: Learn positionless concepts and oder for installing a full court attack
3. Universal Concepts for Offense (full court, half court, and zone): Two Passes Out, Off the Rail, Playing Against the Grain
4. Examples of Switching Defense
Q & A
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Clarify your style of play and organize your offensive system in a way that is easy to install. Coach Cascio uses visual aids and film as building blocks to implement a championship style of play. Learn the philosophy and concepts behind his “Pace and Space” attack and develop your blue print to implement a system that best suits your  philosophy and personnel.